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Kimono Rentaru Rikawa Fuku Kawagoen

Kimono rental womans Japanese clothes Kawagoe store

The womans kimono Kawagoe store is located just a short walk from Motokawagoe station and Kawagoeshi station, and is close to the sightseeing spots of Kawagoe from the station, making it a convenient store for renting kimono and yukata in Kawagoe.

We also offer great couple plans and student discount plans.

We have nearly 300 trendy street kimonos and yukatas such as lace kimonos, antique kimonos and retro yukatas, and you should be able to find your favorite one!

Same-day reservations and use are also possible, so feel free to use them!

AddressActree Kawagoe 350F, 0043-1-3 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 5-7


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