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Kawagoe Hyoka Kumoto Yuki is a craft cafe in Kawagoe.

We offer sweets and cafe menus unique to Kawagoe.

Especially popular are the original shaved ice and cotton confectionery.

In the summer, the fluffy shaved ice that uses Kawagoe potatoes and matcha is so popular that people line up for shaved ice.

In addition, the big cotton sweets like clouds are also Kawagoe potato sweets that can only be tasted here.

In addition to delicious things, we also have a painting experience to make memories, so please stop by while sightseeing in Kawagoe.

Address350-0066 Renjaku-cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama 8-1 Tatemon-mae 1st Building 1F Matchmaking Yokocho

Phone Number070-8460-1118

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