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Furuoya Hachiman Shrine History

● Founding Kooya Hachiman Shrine is an old shrine that was built in the XNUMXth year of Jōgan (XNUMX), and our company started with the dedication of the spirit of Iwashimizu Hachimangu.

● Main shrine <Tangible cultural property of Saitama Prefecture> Since the shrine was damaged in XNUMX (Kyoho XNUMX), the current main shrine was rebuilt by sharing the responsibility of each village.The main shrine is a vermilion-painted Gongen-style building consisting of the main shrine, our shrine, and the worship hall.The roof is a copper plate roof, but it was originally a tiled roof, and after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the tiled roof was changed to a copper plate roof.After the construction, many restoration activities were carried out, and most recently, the restoration work was completed in September XNUMX.

● Old shrine <Saitama Prefecture Tangible Cultural Property> It was built in XNUMX (Tensho XNUMX).The structure of the shrine is a large-scale copper plate-roofed two-storied shrine style, Mise shelf structure.

● Horogake Festival (Horogake Festival, Horogake Festival) <Saitama Prefecture Intangible Folk Cultural Property>

● 12 Tokugawa family red stamps <Kawagoe City Tangible Cultural Property>

Address350 Furuyahongo, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 0002-1408


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