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Enupio Hojin Preiguraund Kawagoesu Karaza

NPO corporation playground (Kawagoe La Scala)

For the citizens of Kawagoe City and its surroundings, we will create opportunities for cultural activities and exchange bases, participate in cultural activities by citizens, and enjoy cultural projects, and realize a rich and enjoyable social life by making the best use of existing resources. It is a corporation whose purpose is to promote the revitalization of the central city area.

We operate "Kawagoe La Scala", which is close to the townscape of Kurazukuri.
Kawagoe La Scala was founded as a yose in 38 and is the oldest theater in the movie theaters operating in Saitama Prefecture.

Please contact us for details such as screenings, times, and closures.

Address350-0062-1 Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 1-1


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