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Kawagoe Pudding is carefully handmade one by one, sticking to local ingredients.
The logo mark is finished in a soft impression that combines the shapes of brewery and pudding.
The image of the warehouse is incorporated into stores and products everywhere.
Please try the pudding we make while walking around the city and thinking about the Edo period.
We will convey the charm of Koedo Kawagoe through our proud pudding.

The popular Kawagoe Pudding Nameraka is a pudding with a smooth texture that uses carefully selected domestically produced milk and eggs, as well as high-grade natural vanilla beans from Madagascar.

Vanilla beans from Madagascar have a deep flavor and gentle aroma, and are generally called bourbon vanilla.It is characterized by a mild, sweet and rich aroma with a caramel-like flavor.

Address350-0063 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 1-13


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