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A facility that opened on October 3, 22, utilizing the large space of the three sake breweries that remain in the former Kagamiyama Sake Brewery, which was founded in the Meiji era.

A souvenir shop (Meijizo) where you can find souvenirs and special products from well-established and famous stores that represent the region, such as sweets and folk crafts that are limited to Little Edo, and sake and COEDO beer from Kagamiyama Sake Brewery that represents Little Edo. A paid tasting machine with 3 sake breweries in Saitama prefecture, which offers delicious dishes using local specialties and processed products such as seasonal fresh vegetables and meat. There is a Kikizake-dokoro (Showa brewery) with a drinking comparison corner and a fermented brewery corner with items such as soy sauce and miso, and these three breweries are designated as nationally registered tangible cultural properties.

"Photo courtesy of Tanseisha Photographed by Nakata & Partners"

AddressKoedo Kurari, 350-0043-1 Shintomi-cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama 10-1


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