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Kawagoe Castle Nakanomon Ruins

After the Meiji era, many facilities and buildings of Kawagoe Castle were demolished, and the Nakanomon moat remains became the only moat remains in the old castle.
Kawagoe Castle was built in XNUMX by Michimasa Ota and his father and son Dokan in order to prepare for the offense and defense over the hegemony of Koga Kubō Ashikaga and Kita Musashi.
In the Edo period, Kawagoe Castle was emphasized as a defense to the north of Edo.
In XNUMX (Kanei XNUMX), Matsudaira Nobutsuna, who became the feudal lord, carried out a large-scale renovation of the castle and arranged the appearance as a modern castle.
The current Nakanomon moat remains that have been maintained are the main body of the moat and the tour plaza.
The main body was filled with soil to protect the remains, and the slope at the beginning of construction was restored.
In addition, an explanation board and benches are installed in the tour plaza, and a Japanese-style crown tree gate reminiscent of a castle is installed at the entrance.

Address350-0053-1 Kuruwamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 8-6


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