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Kawagoekan Ruins Historical Park

The Kawagoekan site is the site of the residence of Mr. Kawagoe, a samurai who was one of the most powerful samurai in Musashi Province from the Heian period to the Northern and Southern Dynasties.
The fact that the daughter of Shigeyori Kawagoe became the wife of Minamoto no Yoshitsune also conveys the power of Mr. Kawagoe who supported the samurai government in the Middle Ages.
However, when Mr. Ashikaga Motouji, Koga Kubō, died in XNUMX (Joji XNUMX) during the Muromachi period, he was in conflict with Heiichi, led by Naoshige Kawagoe, and Kamakura-fu, the government agency that governs the Kanto region.Eventually, in XNUMX (Oan XNUMX), the "Musashi Heiichi Rebellion" occurred, and Heiichi rebelled against Kamakura-fu, but he was defeated. It will disappear from the stage.

However, as an important archaeological site for clarifying the actual situation of samurai, it became a nationally designated archaeological site on December XNUMX, XNUMX, and while trying to preserve the Kawagoeyakata ruins, it is a place for local learning and a place for citizens to relax. It opened in the spring of XNUMX.

Address350 Uwado, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 0816-194


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