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First town

A large onigawara roof, black plaster walls and thick double doors ..."Ichiban-gai" is a townscape lined with quaint buildings built in a warehouse that makes you feel as if you have slipped back in time.
They look the same and are made differently one by one, giving each one its own personality and even giving it a dignified personality.The oldest of these, the Osawa Residence, built in 1792 (Kansei 4), is designated as a national important cultural property.
During the Edo period, the town of Matsudaira Nobutsuna, the lord of the Kawagoe domain, created a row of houses with shops facing each other. Was popular.As a result, even in Kawagoe, which had a strong connection with Edo in commerce, a brewery merchant house was built.Most of the current warehouses were built after the Great Fire of Kawagoe, and there are still more than 30 buildings left.In the 12th year of the Taisho era, the brewery in Tokyo disappeared due to the Great Kanto Earthquake and the subsequent war, and as an important historical heritage that inherits the scenery of Edo, the area around this first town, including the "Bell of Time". Was selected as an Important Preservation District for Traditional Buildings on December 11, 12.The old Western-style building of the former Saitama Resona Bank Kawagoe branch was built in 1.In recent years, new buildings have been devised so as not to destroy the landscape, and urban development is being carried out in which new and old ones are in harmony.

AddressSaiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 350-0063


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