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Kawagoe is close to the city center. If you enjoy the second time,
A little back road route is recommended ♪
Lots of fashionable and cute shops and historic buildings!

To the garden of the samurai residence in the late Edo period!

Nagashima family residence (former samurai residence)

A guest house that is familiar to the community.Events are also held irregularly!

Chabudai Guesthouse, Cafe & Bar

* Only the exterior can be visited

Take a break with delicious coffee ♪

A hideaway spot where you can enjoy eclairs and art


I'm full!Authentic Western food

Western food Byron

The tasty sauce and plump eel are popular!

Ogawa Fuji

Let's experience various things at an old merchant house!

Hundred foot shop

Cute miscellaneous goods and handmade sweets


Traditional Japanese candle shop


Nagaya in the Taisho era
A spot for interaction!

Kitamachi Benten Nagaya

Reasonable set meal

Tomori Cafe

Stretch your legs a little ...

A liquor store and coffee shop near Hikawa Shrine.
Not only coffee but also pudding is excellent!


I'm crazy about cute miscellaneous goods ♪

Vietnamese small miscellaneous goods
Sunny Side Terrace

Healthy in the brewery
Have lunch

une brise

Baked in a pizza kiln
Have a hot pizza


Enchanting and wonderful space
Hat and clothes atelier


I still make soy sauce in the brewery that was built in Tenpo.
* Please contact us for a tour

Matsumoto Soy Sauce Shop


The town of Kawagoe hasn't changed much since the Edo period.
In the slightly complicated alleys, there are historical temples and shrines,
There are many shops where locals gather.

Around Kitain

A famous eel restaurant that stands quietly


Taste in a building from the Taisho era

Japanese and Western restaurant Sakae

Enjoy the soba noodles that the owner is particular about

No limit [Jugemu]

Around Kawagoe City

We are proud of our oden and sake lineup


Around Honkawakoshi Station

The popularity of authentic Taiwanese food has skyrocketed!


Around Kawagoe Station

The only shrine in the city that has the place name of "Kawagoe" and is a thousand-year-old shrine

Kawagoe Hachimangu

Good things for everyday life


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