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Kawagoe Station
(JR / Tobu Line)
Motokawagoe Station
(Seibu Line)
Kawagoeshi Station
(Tobu Line)

Let's enjoy Little Edo with kimono ♪

There are many rental kimono shops in Kawagoe!You can enjoy kimono empty-handed.Even in the town of Kura, enjoy a time slip with a retro Western-style building ♪

Let's enjoy the town of Kura and the Toki no Kane area!

Ichibancho (Kurazukuri townscape)

The first town where the black plaster warehouses made after the great fire of the Meiji era are lined up.It is a historic street where you can feel the remnants of Kawagoe, which prospered in commerce.

Let's find Zhong Kui!

On the roof of the pottery shop Yamawa,
There is a Zhong Kui who protects the store.
Where are you !?

Bell of Time (Bell Tower)

The symbol of Kawagoe, "Bell of Time".
Since it was built about 400 years ago, it has been rebuilt due to repeated fires and still keeps the time in the town of Kawagoe. (In 8, certified as "100 Soundscapes of Japan" that I want to keep)

If you want to know about the Kawagoe Festival ...

Kawagoe Festival Hall

Experience!Let's make Japanese sweets!


Experience making Japanese sweets at the new brand "Kashichi" of Kawagoe's long-established Japanese sweets "Uya"!Let's make a full-fledged Neri-kiri while having a craftsman teach you.

I'm lost!
Wait for lunch time!

I definitely want to eat!Specialty Nekomanma-yaki Onigiri

Nakaichi Main Store

It is excellent.Enjoy Oedo Kurobuta!

Mio Cazaro

Ryotei Yamaya

Founded in the first year of the Meiji era, lunch at one of the longest-established restaurants in Kawagoe is exceptional.Don't miss the garden famous for its autumn colors!

I definitely want to eat!Little Edo specialty

The tea soba is excellent ♪


Speaking of Kawagoe, eel!

Ogawa chrysanthemum

Healthy!Tofu set meal

Omiya Chobei Shoten

10 minutes on foot

God of marriage Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

At Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, which enshrines the god of marriage, pray for good luck ♪ The popular sea bream lottery has seasonal colors, so be sure to check it out!
Let's visit the power spots that are blessed with ties such as the plaque tunnel and the red thread bench ♪

Kawagoe's summer tradition, "Enmusubi Wind Chime," is
Held every year from July to September ♪

Kawagoe's representative shrines and temples


One of the most famous temples in Kawagoe.Spring weeping cherry blossoms are also famous!

Kawagoe Hachimangu

The only shrine in the city that has the place name of "Kawagoe" and is a thousand-year-old shrine.

Kawagoe Kumano Shrine

Kumano Shrine for good luck!The special red stamp of Yatagarasu is very popular.

Renkeiji Temple

A temple that is famous for raising children.Events may be held in the precincts on holidays ♪

14 minutes on foot

Cute and nostalgic!Confectionery Yokocho

Confectionery Yokocho

A confectionery store with more than 70 stores in the early Showa period
Yokocho.Still traditional
We are making candy.

Traditional candy making

Tamariki Seika

Check out popular shops at Kashiya Yokocho!

A bakery recommended by locals!

Kawagoe Bakery Raku

Scone and sweets shop Baked confectionery komugi


14 minutes on foot

Take a break at a nice cafe

Sweets to have in the brewery ♪

Cafe Elevate

The Japanese style is nice!

Starbucks Coffee Kawagoe Kanetsuki Dori

Enjoy authentic coffee

Aburi Coffee

Enjoy retro modern ♪

Shimano Coffee Taishokan

Stylish recommended cafe!


10 to 15 minutes on foot

Find a nice souvenir

Kawagoe's local sake "Kyokayama"

The phantom sake is back!
The sharp and easy-to-drink taste is popular.

Kawagoe liquor store

Speaking of Kawagoe, "sweet potatoes"!

"XNUMX ri better than Kuri",
All sweet potato sweets are excellent ♪

Kurazukuri Honpo

"Kawagoe Karaji" with cute stripes

A textile that was very popular in Kawagoe in the Meiji and Taisho eras.Lots of cute souvenirs!


Get souvenirs from Kawagoe
"Koedo Kurari"

You can also use Saitama local sake!
If you want to check all the souvenirs from Kawagoe, here!

Koedo Kurari

10 to 15 minutes on foot

How about dinner in Kawagoe?

Check out the lemon udon!

Soil wheat

Recommended Italian by locals

Trattoria Caro


A coedo brewery restaurant famous for coed beer!There is also a beer tank inside the store, so you can enjoy pairing with delicious food ♪

in the Park (in U_PLACE)

A wood-fired restaurant that uses abundant ingredients from Saitama prefecture, mainly in Kawagoe.Let's enjoy the night of Little Edo in a fashionable store!

Let's definitely come again!

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