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🍖 Let's eat delicious meat in Kawagoe in 2023!Featured 🍖

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Introducing restaurants where you can eat delicious meat!          

XNUMX.Kawagoe City Green Tourism Base Facility


XNUMX.Restaurant Saibok

XNUMX.Koedo Black Pork Teppanyaki Kaiseki Ono

XNUMX.Teppanyaki Cologne


XNUMX. Teppanyaki Luce

1 Kawagoe Green Tour Kawagoe City Green Tourism Base Facility


The Kawagoe City Green Tourism Base Facility is a complex facility that integrates an agricultural contact center, an experience farm, a green space, and a large roof plaza (barbecue area).
Reopened on November 2022, 11, it is a facility where you can enjoy harvesting experiences and barbecues throughout the year.
There are many events such as "Kawagoe Spring Agricultural Festival" in spring and "Agriculture Fureai Center Festival" in autumn.
Enjoy green tourism in Kawagoe and make new discoveries.

Spot information

Kawagoe City Green Tourism Base Facility Kawagoe Green Tour  

887 Isanuma, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

2 babakyuru babakyuru


At our restaurant, you can enjoy a barbecue without preparing or cleaning up.
Feel free to BBQ empty-handed ♪
The total number of seats is 216!You can use it in various scenes from small banquets to large banquets.
The restaurant has a roof, so you can enjoy your meal even on rainy days.
The usage plan is the following two patterns.
1. Food is purchased at the fresh fishing port Kawagoe next door.
2. 3-hour course plan with ingredients and all-you-can-drink alcohol
Enjoy an extraordinary experience with a sense of openness that you can't experience everyday.

Spot information

babakyuru babakyuru  

650 Obukuro, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

3 Restaurant Saiboku Restaurant Saibok

Grilled meat

"Tonkatsu" and "Yakiniku" using Saiboku brand pork "Golden Pork" are recommended.There is a large yakiniku hall and a western food corner in the store, so you can enjoy it as you like.The menus are different, but you can order the popular tonkatsu at either space.

Spot information

Restaurant Saibok Restaurant Saiboku  

546 Shimootanizawa, Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture

4 Koedokuro Pig Teppanyaki Koedo Black Pork Teppanyaki Kaiseki Ono

Teppanyaki Kaiseki

During the 2023 summer vacation (7/23 - 8/31) weekdays only, lunch and dinner will be served.
・Koedo black pork belly hitsumabushi (top right photo) ・Koedo black pork loin miso pickled box (bottom left photo) ・Koedo black pork ginger grill (bottom right photo)
On the day of the ox, it is said that it is good to eat "black ones" with "u". How about eating Umai Kurobuta to beat the heat?

Spot information

Koedo Black Pork Teppanyaki Kaiseki Ono Koedokuro Pig Teppanyaki  

27 Yanaka, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

5 Teppanyaki Kerun Teppanyaki Cologne


Anniversaries, entertainment, and hospitality meals at Itayaki Cologne.
We have good access to Kawagoe Station, XNUMX minutes, and a safe space with all tables and ventilation.
Enjoy a special day in a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy the cooking and conversation of the chef cooking in front of you.

Spot information

Teppanyaki Cologne Teppanyaki Kerun  

23-1 Sugawaracho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture Atlanta Building 2F

6 Teppan Omusu Te'PAN Le OMUS


XNUMX cows per month The only teppanyaki restaurant in Japan where you can eat the legendary Tokorozawa beef
The fat is silky, the red meat is soft, and it is delicious even when cold.
You can enjoy about XNUMX different parts depending on the day.

Spot information

Te'PAN Le OMUS Teppan Omusu  

Meibunkan 8, 11-201 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

7 Teppan Yaki Route Teppanyaki Luce


Focusing on Japanese black beef steak, Koedo Kurobuta steak and cutlets raised in Kawagoe, foie gras and seasonal seafood are grilled on the iron plate in front of you.Enjoy it with wine carefully selected by the sommelier.

Spot information

Teppanyaki Luce Teppan Yaki Route  

2-6-1-2A Motomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

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