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At Koedo Kawagoe, you can see not only the elegant brewery buildings, but also the retro-modern Western-style buildings with an exotic atmosphere. Buildings incorporating modern architecture that was popular in the Taisho and Showa eras, such as "Saitama Resona Bank," "Kawagoe Christ Association," and "Shimano Coffee Taishokan," show a slightly different landscape of Kawagoe.

Saitama Resona Bank Kura no Machi Branch Office

(Former XNUMXth Bank Head Office)

It is a steel-framed reinforced concrete three-story building designed by Katsuya Yasuoka in 7.The exterior adopts the neo-Renaissance style that was popular at the time, and a tower is set up in the front corner.Katsuya Yasuoka, who designed this building, studied under Tatsuno Kingo at the University of Tokyo, and after graduating, worked at the Marunouchi Mitsubishi Building, the predecessor of the current Mitsubishi Estate, and after retiring, the office was in 1918. Was established and was active as a middle-class housing writer.

Cafe Elevate

Using Kawagoe's famous sweet potato
Pudding is recommended.

Yamayoshi Building

It is the first department store building in the prefecture.The decorations such as Ionic columns, reliefs and stained glass are also wonderful.

Ichibancho Western-style Nagaya

A slightly modern Western-style tenement house on the path of the Kurazukuri street.It is a four-storied mortar-built building with cute designs in some places.It was built in 7 by Tamakichi Saito, a builder.It is still used as a store.

Chuseidou Dental Clinic

It features an English-style exterior wall with clapboards laminated together.The outer wall reproduces the original color of the building.

Former Yamazaki family villa

This building was built as a retreat for Kashichi Yamazaki, the fifth generation of Kawagoe's long-established confectionery shop "Uya", and is a beautiful architecture that combines the goodness of both Japanese and Western styles.The main building consists of a two-story Western-style building, a two-story warehouse, and a one-story Japanese-style building. The garden has a tea room and a dry garden.It is a masterpiece of architect Katsuya Yasuoka, who was designated as a national important cultural property in September of the first year of Reiwa.

Stained gras on the stairs of the Western-style building
There is a window with a window, and the light is different
When it is squeezed, it will beautifully color the room.
Western architecture is popular among Western-style guests
You can feel the atmosphere at that time, and it ’s great.
Feeling like you've slipped back in time
In the guest room of the one-story house, the garden scenery is also combined.
It ’s an old good, different from the Western-style building.
You can enjoy the scenery of Japan
to come.

Kawagoe Christian Church

It is the only brick building in the city that has remained since the Taisho era.It features a steep roof and spire arched windows.

Kawagoe Chamber of Commerce

The style of FL Wright who designed the former Imperial Hotel
A building that quickly incorporated the influence.

Onoya clothing store

German with a Western-style ridge decoration on a half-gable roof with a Japanese tile roof
It features a special roof shape.

Shimano Coffee Taishokan

It features two Western-style pilasters on the front and three arch windows.
This is a building that can be called a signboard architecture.

Handmade soba XNUMX length

This building, built in the early Showa period, is a Japanese "signboard building"
It is one of the masterpieces of "Tsuki".
The appearance of the copper plate pasted on it represents the essence of Kawagoe merchants.
increase.The spirit of Kawagoe merchants recreates this stylish building
It was born.

Tantoku Garden

"Tantoku" was founded in Rokkenmachi in 2.The "Hanare" built by the first Tokujiro Suzuki and the 1869 tsubo dry garden are open to the public, and you can also experience matcha tea, eat, and stay overnight.Check-in for accommodation is in the Western-style drawing room built in 200.The main building, which welcomes the dignitaries of Kawagoe, has a retro Showa era atmosphere.

Restaurante Benino

(Former Rokkenmachi Post Office)

Built in 2, the building features a white exterior and stylish bay windows, and has been used as a post office.Currently, the first floor is open as an Italian restaurant "Ristorante Benino", and you can enjoy authentic Italian food such as pasta, pizza, and course meals with wine in the calm atmosphere.

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