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Enjoy the rainy season!Hydrangea special feature ✿

Introducing the latest recommended information about "hydrangea," a seasonal flower that is in full bloom from June to July!
How about taking a stroll in search of colorful hydrangeas? ✿

♢ Table of contents

  1. "Hydrangea flowering situation ”
  2. "Seasonal!Hydrangea pattern red stamp ”
  3. ③ "Cute hydrangea Japanese sweets"
  4. ④ "Hydrangea pattern is cute ♪ Rental yukata"

* Information will be added and updated from time to time.

① "Hydrangea flowering situation"

We will inform you about the flowering situation of hydrangea in Kawagoe city! (Photo taken on June 6)

♢ List of introduction spots

  1. Kawagoe Hachimangu
  2. Intermediate Court
  3. Kitain
  4. Senba Toshogu
  5. Kawagoe Hikawa ShrineApproach
  6. Kawagoe Castle Nakanomonbori Ruins
  7. Renkeiji Temple
  8. Blacksmith Town Square (Nakamachi Tourist Information Center)
  9. Motomachi rest area

XNUMX. Kawagoe Hachimangu

XNUMX. Naka-in

XNUMX. Kitain

XNUMX. Senba Toshogu Shrine

XNUMX. Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine approach

XNUMX. Kawagoe Castle Nakanomonbori Ruins

XNUMX. Renkeiji Temple

XNUMX. Blacksmith Town Square (Nakamachi Tourist Information Center)

XNUMX. Motomachi rest area

② "Seasonal!Hydrangea pattern red stamp ”

[Kawagoe Hachimangu]

Seasonal "Hydrangea Festival / Kaya no Wa Kuguri Goshuin".
You can enjoy both the vivid design of the hydrangea and the kaya-no-wa.
♢ Distribution period: Until July 7th * Since the number of sheets is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.

<Kawagoe Hachimangu>
19-1 Minamitorimachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Kawagoe Hachimangu (kawagoe-hachimangu.net)


The flower hand water red stamp of Saimei-ji that changes every month. The limited red stamp for June is "Hydrangea".
Please enjoy with beautiful hydrangea flower hand water during the rainy season.

<Saimei-ji Temple>
Saitama prefecture Kawagoe city Ogaya town 61
Yokoyamasaimyo Temple (saimyouzi.com)

③ "Cute hydrangea Japanese sweets"

[Kawagoe Kasho Kurazukuri Honpo]

Kurazukuri Honpo's June (minazuki) namagashi "Tsuyu no Hana".
The three colors of purple, red, and light blue are internally blurred on the white bean paste, cut into a flower shape, and leaves are attached to represent the "hydrangea" that blooms freshly.Medium bean paste is red bean paste.
* For product details such as retail storesClick here for the guidelines..

<Kawagoe Kasho Kurazukuri Honpo>
5-3 Kubomachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Kawagoe's popular Japanese sweets and sweets that are popular in the middle are Kurazukuri Honpo!A long-established store that is pleased with souvenirs, Kawagoe Kasho Kurazukuri Honpo, Saitama Prefecture Online shopping and sales site (kuradukuri.jp)

④ "The hydrangea pattern is cute ♪ Rental yukata"

During the rainy season, we recommend hydrangea-patterned yukata rental ✿
How about taking a walk in Kawagoe wearing a gorgeous yukata?

③ (for children)

①②③: Handling store "Kimonoya Sara"
8-4 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Kawagoe / Kimono Rental Kimonoya Sara (kimonoya-sara.jp)

④: Handling store "Kawagoe Kimono Rental Yuzuya"
1-4 2F Nakacho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
Kawagoe Kimono Rental * Yuzuya * Experience cheap and cute kimono empty-handed (yuzuyakawagoe.jp)

✿ Information on kimono rental shops in Kawagoe CityClick here for the guidelines.check!

A free paper that introduces Kawagoe information "Koednokoto paper vol.23], An article about hydrangea is published ♪
* Available at stations and tourist information centers.

♢ Click here for homepage ⇒ Koednokoto (sakurai-p.co.jp)

Hydrangea special feature ♪
Koednokoto paper vol.23