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Kawagoe's specialty products are "sweet potato" and "matcha".
At the shops in the city, you can enjoy a lot of delicious sweets and gourmet foods ♪
We will deliver sweet potato & matcha information that you can not miss when you come to Little Edo!

It was during the Edo period that sweet potatoes were cultivated actively.The sweet potatoes produced in the Kawagoe domain in the land of Musashino and the area adjacent to it were called "Kawagoe potatoes".At the time when there were few sweet potatoes, the sweet potatoes produced in this area were considered to be high-class products, and since many sweet potatoes were shipped from Kawagoe to Edo by boat, the image of Kawagoe = sweet potatoes was firmly established.

Since the Nanbokucho period, "Musashi Kawagoe" has been one of the tea-producing regions that has made a name for itself as a teahouse in the world. Over XNUMX years, "Kawagoe Matcha" has been attracting attention as a new brand due to the development of local companies.The western part of Saitama Prefecture, including the Kawagoe area, is located in the northern limit as a large-scale tea production area in Japan, and you can enjoy tea with a condensed taste to survive the cold winter.

Intermediate Court

Naka-in is a temple that represents Kawagoe and is also known as the birthplace of Kawagoe tea and Sayama tea.It was opened in the 7th year of the Tencho period (830) by Kazuhisa Ennin, a priest of Jikaku Daishi.
At that time, tea was cultivated in Kawagoe and Sayama, starting with the planting of tea fruits brought from Kyoto in the precincts.A stone monument called "Sayama Tea Origin Monument" is also built in the precincts.

Sweet potato manga museum
(Kawagoe potato school)

A museum in the first town.You can listen to explanations by experts on an easy-to-understand panel centered on illustration manga.
* The tour requires a reservation application from the website.We do not accept tours without prior reservation, so please be sure to make a reservation.

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Introducing sweets and gourmet using sweet potato and matcha ♪


Kawagoe potato smoothie

Monzoan's popular sweet "Kawagoe potato" is smooth
To Gee!Matcha flavor is also recommended ♪


Imosenbei / Imosen

Kawagoe's traditional sweet "Imo Senbei" is XNUMX years old
A famous confectionery that has been made by the same method from before.
The crispy and light "imosen" is also recommended!

Kurazukuri Honpo


Taking advantage of the sweet potato's fluffy feeling,
Sweet potato from a Japanese sweets shop.


Sprinkle Nikki on the moist dough,
A gem that you can enjoy mellow potato paste.

Kita no Kakehashi

With the motif of the bridge in Kawagoe Daishi Kitain,
Japanese style duck words.Matcha has a refreshing scent.


Town potato

Founded in Tenmei 3rd year, one of the best in Kawagoe
Imo yokan from a long-established Japanese sweets shop.
The simple taste that was carefully made
It is also very popular locally.



For crispy donuts
Plenty of sweet potato paste!
When you come to Kashiya Yokocho
Please try to taste.

Tokichi Uya

Kawagoe butter dorayaki

Seasonal hand-baked one by one
(February-June, October-December) Dorayaki.
Sweet potatoes, Kawagoe matcha flavor, etc.
You can enjoy several kinds of flavors.

Kawagoe Pudding

Kawagoe Pudding
(Kawagoe Matcha, Kawagoe potato)

The "Kawagoe Matcha" flavor, which perfectly matches the bittersweetness of the sweetly boiled black beans Kawagoe Matcha, the "Kawagoe Imo" flavor, which you can enjoy with dice-cut potatoes, is also very popular as a souvenir.

Matsuriku Confectionery

French fries

Using two types of potatoes, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes
Twins.Harmo of taste that two weave
Please enjoy Knee.

Potato natto

A famous confectionery that represents Kawagoe.Using Kintoki potato, not too sweet,
It has a good reputation for its elegant sweetness.
(It will be a limited-time product from September to April)

Kameya Eisen

Cut potatoes

Mix sweet potato paste and white bean paste, and cinnamo
Wrapped in cocoa skin and made into a sweet potato shape,
A steamed bun with a satisfying taste.

Raw dorayaki

The moist dorayaki and the special bean paste are extinct
A strange match!Three types of sweet potato, matcha, and Kokura
You can enjoy the same kind of taste.


Sayama Matcha Brownie

Popular sweets from a tea shop!Sure
Harmony with walnuts is also ◎ with a rich matcha flavor.
It has a good and satisfying taste.



A gem recommended by the locals!Kneaded matcha
Spread diced sweet potatoes on castella dough and bake
A perfect souvenir!

Kasho Umon

Potato love

Very satisfied with the sweet potato slices as they are
Sweets.Handmade one by one
increase.Atua just picked up at the store
You can also have Tsunoimo Koi.


Homemade sweet potato baked in golden color!
The sweetness of sweet potatoes and the slightly fragrant butter
Perfect for coffee or tea.


Apprentice potato

Dokan's specialty! "Neat" and "refreshing"
Imo yokan is very popular for its unique texture.
Wrapped in bamboo skin, it is a perfect souvenir.

Potato cream dorayaki

Mix sweet potato paste and fresh cream
Special dorayaki of smooth bean paste.Take a walk
You can also have it at the store.


Kawagoe Matcha Parfait
Parfait of potatoes and roasted tea

Attention parfait of a fashionable Japanese sweets shop near Renkeiji Temple!Refreshing Kawagoe Matcha and fragrant roasted tea are both very satisfying and popular sweets.There is no doubt that it will look great on Instagram!

Kawagoe Patate

Sweet potato
Kawagoe Matcha Gelato

A popular gelato that is rich and melts in the mouth.Oh
The recommendation is a twin where you can enjoy two flavors.Kawagoe
The combination of tea and sweet potatoes is the most popular!


Kawagoe Matcha Squash
Kawagoe Matcha Kuromitsu Whip Latte

Recommended Japanese sweets shop famous for "Monaka with bells"
Drink.Matcha and lemon syrup pops
"Kawagoe Matcha Squash", the most popular "Kawagoe Matcha"
Please try "Brown Kuromitsu Whip Latte"!

University Iwata

University potato parfait
(Sweet potato / purple potato)

Homemade Daigakuimo soft serve ice cream goes well
Or! I want to try both of the two types of potatoes.
Recommended parfait.

Candied sweet potato

A very popular homemade university potato that is fried every day.Eat
From the size of a cup, you can slice it for souvenirs.
Ip stick type is also available.

This is shaved ice

Kawagoe Matcha Milk and White Azuki

A big line in the summer!Kawagoe's leading shaved ice shop
Discerning gem.
Specially made for Kawagoe matcha syrup
Condensed milk is perfect.

Motomachi Coffee Shop Chimoto

Potato soft

The popular coffee shop menu "potato soft".
You can choose cute toppings!Home roasted coffee
Please with me.


Matcha tiramisu

The most popular matcha tiramisu.It features a refreshing flavor with plenty of cassis jam.The bowl of Masu is also cute ♪

Kotobuki no Machiten

Kawagoe Matcha Soba

The specialty "Kawagoe Matcha Soba", which is made by kneading tea and buckwheat flour, has a strong scent unique to matcha.
We also recommend a menu with small condiment bowls that are irresistible for soba lovers.


Potato kaiseki (reservation required)

Speaking of sweet potato dishes, here.
Potato vinegared food and potato noodles,
Anyway, potatoes are made with potato ice cream.
You can fully enjoy Kawagoe's local cuisine.

Toroko (Toho Yamawa)

Sweet potato mini kaiseki

"Ceramic shop Yamawa" famous for making breweries
A cafe run by.
In addition to the limited number of "Sweet potato mini kaiseki", you can enjoy sweet potato cakes and anmitsu.

In Kawagoe city, you can experience potato digging at the farm.
The season is from September to early November.It is an activity that both adults and children can enjoy.

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