Autumn leaves spot in Koedo Kawagoe🍁
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Autumn leaves spot in Koedo Kawagoe🍁

The trees turn red and yellow,
Enjoy autumn in Koedo Kawagoe!

In November, Koedo Kawagoe enters the autumn leaves season.
Starting with the precincts of shrines and temples, visit the autumn leaves spots scattered throughout the city,
Enjoy autumn Kawagoe tour!


The autumn leaves of Kita-in Temple reach their peak from late November to early December.The bright red maples color the precincts, and the view of the garden from the connecting corridor that connects the reception hall and the main hall is especially beautiful.

1-20-1 Kosenbamachi, Kawagoe City
Visiting hours 9:00-16:00


Founded by Jikaku Daishi in the 7th year of the Tenchou era (830), Nakain is known as one of Kawagoe's best spots for autumn foliage.In addition, beautiful weeping cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and you can see the beautiful precincts throughout the four seasons.

5-15-1 Kosenbamachi, Kawagoe City

料亭 山屋

In the early Meiji era, Hanbei Yamaya took over the villa of the wealthy merchant Gorobe Yokota, and today, at the historical restaurant Yamaya, which has been in business for 154 years, you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients.In addition, when autumn deepens, the trees in the garden turn red, and you can appreciate the tasteful scenery from the porch.

11-2 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City


At Kawagoe Water Park, autumn leaves gradually begin to turn from November, and you can stroll along the rows of yellow ginkgo trees.In addition, the metasequoia trees planted around the boat pond turn orange, and you can feel the arrival of autumn in Kawagoe.

880 Ikebe, Kawagoe City


An ancient shrine with a history of 3 years, founded by Minamoto no Yorinobu in 1030 AD.The couple ginkgo trees on the sacred tree are believed to bring good matchmaking, safe childbirth, and fertility.In addition, you can also enjoy the autumn colors of the mountain maple, yellow maple, and Nomura maple along the approach.

19-3 Nantori-cho, Kawagoe-shi


A magnificent ginkgo tree is planted in the precincts of Mutsutsuka Inari Shrine, which was built on a slightly elevated position along the Shingashi River.When autumn deepens, the leaves scatter and the precincts are colored like a yellow carpet.

2-8-12 Motomachi, Kawagoe City
049-224-0589 (Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine)


At Myoshoji Temple, which enshrines Benzaiten, the seventh of the Koedo Kawagoe Seven Lucky Gods, the trees in the precincts turn red in autumn, making you feel the changing seasons.In addition, you can also see the “Fujibakama”, one of the seven autumn herbs, blooming in the precincts.

29 Sanko-cho, Kawagoe-shi


The ruins of the Fujimi Yagura, which was once used as a watchtower for Kawagoe Castle, and served as a scaffolding for lookouts and defensive battles.In the fall, the leaves of maple and ginkgo trees turn red in vivid colors.

2 Kakucho, Kawagoe City


Many trees are planted in the vast grounds that have a general gymnasium, an athletic field, and tennis courts, and the scenery in the park changes to a bright red color during the fall foliage season.

388-1 Shimoobukuro, Kawagoe City