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Summer has arrived!Kawagoe's cool sweets feature 🍨

In Kawagoe, there are many shops where you can enjoy sweets such as shaved ice and ice cream that are perfect for hot summers.
Introducing cool sweets and drinks recommended for sightseeing in Kawagoe in the summer! 🍧

* The contents may change due to the circumstances of each store.Please contact each store for details such as product handling status.

🍦 Table of contents 🍦

  1. Ice flakes with syrup
  2. Soft cream
  3. Ice gelato
  4. Drink (float / hiyashiame)

β‘  Shaved ice

Kawagoe Hyoka Yuki Kumoto "Osatsu Caramel Milk Tea"

Caramel milk tea
Kawagoe Hyoka Kumoto Yuki

🍨Comments from the store🍨

"Osatsu Caramel Milk Tea" is a popular menu of the main store craft cafe with "Razu Chara Milk Tea" added to Kawagoe's limited menu.This summer's recommended shaved ice is popular for its surprising compatibility between whipped cream and berries.

[Kawagoe Hyoka Kumoto Yuki]
β—† Location: 8-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City Hatago Koedo and Matchmaking Yokocho
β—‡ Telephone: 070-8460-1118
β—† Official site:https://kumotoyuki.jp/

Akariya Kawagoe "Uji Milk Kintoki Vanilla Shiratama Nose"

Uji milk Kintoki vanilla shiratama
Sweets shop Akariya Kawagoe

🍨Comments from the store🍨

We use the local Kawagoe Matcha after ordering it so that you can enjoy the original taste and aroma.
In addition, I am very satisfied with the texture of homemade bean paste with plenty of Hokkaido condensed milk, rich vanilla ice cream and shiratama.
A break during the summer walk.We will deliver cool from the sweets shop.

[Akariya Kawagoe]
β—† Location: 1-9-2 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-222-0413
β—† Official site:https://www.kawagoesansaku.com/akariya/

Gintoki Sakata "Plum Shaved Ice"

Plum shaved ice
Gintoki Sakata

🍨Comments from the store🍨

You can enjoy shaved ice, parfaits, fruit platters, etc. that use plenty of seasonal fruits.
Recommended for those who want to eat fruit full! !!
There are several types of shaved ice that change daily.

β—† Location: 10-8 Nakacho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-298-7732
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/gintoki.kawagoe/

@FARM cafΓ© "Special shaving strawberry"

Special shaving strawberries
@FARM cafe

🍨Comments from the store🍨

This is 100% original strawberry shaved ice made by freezing @FARM strawberries and shaving the strawberries instead of ice.
You can feel the strawberry flavor even if you eat it as it is, but you can enjoy a richer strawberry feeling by entwining it with the special strawberry sauce that is hung from above.It is a cool dessert that is perfect for summer and you can enjoy using condensed milk as you like.

[@FARM cafΓ©]
β—† Location: 1044-2 Imafuku, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-241-4115
β—† Official site:https://www.at-farm.co.jp/shop/cafe

Koedo Kurari Kura CafΓ© "Kawagoe Matcha Kintoki"

Kawagoe Matcha Kintoki
Koedo Kurari Kura CafΓ©

🍨Comments from the store🍨

We use our original ice made from the water prepared in Kawagoe's local sake "Kyokayama".
The deep aroma and refreshing taste of Kawagoe Matcha is perfect for fluffy shaved ice.
We also have various other items available, so please enjoy the summer in Kawagoe with our shaved ice.

[Koedo Kurari Kura CafΓ©]
β—† Location: 1-10-1 Shintomicho, Kawagoe City Koedo Kurari Meijizo
β—‡ Telephone: 049-228-1783
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/koedo_kurari/

Ayanoka "Strawberry whole ice"

Whole strawberry ice

🍨Comments from the store🍨

A luxurious strawberry dessert that does not use any water and is made by freezing and shaving ripe strawberries from Saitama prefecture.
For toppings, add vanilla ice cream and add condensed milk.

β—† Location: 10-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-298-4430
β—† Official SNS:https://www.facebook.com/wagashi.ayanoka

β‘‘ Soft serve

Kasho Umon Toki no Kaneten "Imo no Koi Soft"

Potato love software
Kasho Umon Toki no Kaneten

🍦 Comments from the store 🍦

Three types of soft serve ice cream: purple potato, milk, and mix.
We do not use any coloring agents, but use carefully selected sweet potato extracts.
Please enjoy it while imitating a heart.

[Kasho Umon Toki no Kaneten]
β—† Location: 15-13 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-226-5663
β—† Official site:https://imokoi.com/

Kawagoe Pudding "Kawagoe potato Mont Blanc soft serve""

Kawagoe potato Mont Blanc soft serve
Kawagoe Pudding

🍦 Comments from the store 🍦

Specially made by Kawagoe Pudding, a pudding specialty store.
A rich pudding soft serve ice cream that is a mixture of pudding and caramel, topped with Kawagoe potato cream in a Mont Blanc style.

[Kawagoe Pudding]
β—† Location: 1-13 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-277-5762
β—† Official site:https://kawagoe-purin.com/

Shoyu Kingdom Kawagoe Toki no Kaneten "Shoyu Soft Cream"

Soyu soft serve
Shoyu Kingdom Kawagoe Toki no Kaneten

🍦 Comments from the store 🍦

A rare soy sauce soft serve ice cream.
The rich but timeless caramel-flavored soy sauce soft serve ice cream, which has a luxurious taste with soy sauce and milk, is a very popular product in the kingdom of soy sauce.
In addition, we also have milk flavors and a mix of soy sauce soft serve ice cream and milk soft serve ice cream.
Please enjoy it.

[Kawagoe Toki no Kaneten]
β—† Location: 14-5 Otemachi, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-298-4491
β—† Official site:https://yugeta.com/

Motomachi Coffee Shop Chimoto "Matching potato soft serve"

Matchmaking potato soft serve
Motomachi Coffee Shop Chimoto

🍦 Comments from the store 🍦

Inside the store, you can enjoy home-roasted coffee, sweets such as cream potato anmitsu, and light meals of spaghetti.
At the store, we sell the original potato soft serve ice cream and the photogenic "matchmaking potato soft serve".
The sweet potato soft serve ice cream has a faint sweet potato sweetness and vanilla flavor, making it easy to eat and popular.
Also, on Saturdays and Sundays, the "Morning Warabimochi" prepared in the morning is on sale very well.If it's early afternoon, you'll be in time.Please forgive it when it is sold out.

[Motomachi Coffee Shop Chimoto]
β—† Location: 2-3-12 Motomachi, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-226-6969
β—† Official site:https://chimoto.net

QUON Chocolates Oedo Kawagoe Store "Dumi Cream"

Dumi cream
QUON Chocolates Oedo Kawagoe store

🍦 Comments from the store 🍦

Kuon's original raw chocolate soft serve "Dumi Cream" is a combination of rich soft serve and high quality chocolate.A sweet maple-flavored corn is dipped in Colombian bitter chocolate.
In addition, the terrine chocolate, which is a signboard product, is dipped in the corn.
The cream is topped with dried fruits and freeze-dried so please try it this hot summer.

[QUON Chocolates Oedo Kawagoe Store]
β—† Location: 9-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-272-7875
β—† Official LINE:https://page.line.me/103okoda?openQrModal=true

β‘’ Ice gelato

Kashiya Yokocho store "Small but fulfilling ice lolly"

Small but fulfilling ice lolly
Kashiya Yokocho store

🍧 Comments from the store 🍧

An ice lolly that is easy to eat even for small children.
You can choose your favorite taste from 5 types of mango, milk, condensed milk strawberry, matcha, and azuki.
Mangoes that make you feel as if you are eating the real thing are the most popular.
Please try it when you visit Kashiya Yokocho.

[Kuramon Kashiya Yokocho]
β—† Location: 2-9-1 Motomachi, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-236-3600
β—† Official SNS:https://twitter.com/zaumon0411

Kawagoe Patate "Sweet potato and Kawagoe matcha twin"

Twin of sweet potato and Kawagoe matcha
Kawagoe Patate

🍧 Comments from the store 🍧

It is a gelato gnocchi shop in Kawagoe Ichibangai.
The recommended gelato is "Sweet potato and Kawagoe matcha twin (500 yen)", which is a dish that you can enjoy the aroma and richness of sweet potato and Kawagoe matcha kneaded together with the skin.
Please drop in at our shop in the hot summer.

[Kawagoe Patate]
β—† Location: 3-3 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-227-6600
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/kawagoe_patate/

Today's Rice Yururi CafΓ© "Fresh Kinako Ice Cream [Jennaco]"

Freshly made kinako ice cream [Jennaco]
Today's Rice Yururi CafΓ©

🍧 Comments from the store 🍧

In order to make it fresh and smooth, we will freeze it after receiving your order.
In addition, we are particular about kinako, and we have uniquely blended two types of soybeans, black soybeans from Kyoto Tamba and domestic soybeans.
In order to enjoy the original nutrition, aroma and taste of soybeans, the whole soybean skin is crushed into soybean flour.
Please enjoy the freshly made Jennaco.

[Today's Rice Yururi CafΓ©]
β—† Location: 32-1 Renjakucho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-227-9133
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/yururicafe/

MINAMIMACHI COFFEE "Ice Yakiimo (Plain Brulee)"

Ice cream and sweet potato (plain brulee)

🍧 Comments from the store 🍧

Summer sweet potatoes made with ice confectionery, which is made by letting the proud sweet potatoes slowly sit overnight at ice temperature.
Please enjoy the cool, moist and rich taste.

β—† Location: 2-1-3 Motomachi, Kawagoe City Koedo Yokocho 1F
β—‡ Telephone: 049-227-6727
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/minamimachi_coffee/

β‘£ Drink (float / hiyashiame)

glin coffee Motomachi XNUMXst store "Melon Cream Soda & Coffee Float"

Melon cream soda & coffee float
glin coffee Motomachi first store

🍹 Comments from the store 🍹

I put rich vanilla ice cream with plenty of vanilla beans on colorful soda.
Please enjoy the cream soda, which is decorated with cherries and is fun to look at!
Since it is a coffee shop, we highly recommend the float of home-roasted coffee.
Please drop in for a break while eating or walking around Kawagoe.

[Glin coffee Motomachi first store]
β—† Location: 1-1-20 Motomachi, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-298-7006
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/glincoffee/

cafe matilda "Cream soda"

Cream Soda
cafe matilda

🍹 Comments from the store 🍹

Pancake shop "cafe matilda" with an American and pop atmosphere.
There are 9 types of popular cream soda, including strawberry, melon, blue Hawaii, and mango!
You can choose by taste or by appearance!
Eat cream soda and pancakes together and enjoy this summer! !!

[Cafe matilda]
β—† Location: 1-5-17 Nakahara-cho, Kawagoe City MANITA Building 1F
β—‡ Telephone: 049-277-3747
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/cafe_matilda_pancakes/

Cafe & Bar Goldfish Tei "Nostalgic Cream Soda"

Nostalgic cream soda
Cafe & Bar Goldfish Tei

🍹 Comments from the store 🍹

It is a nostalgic cream soda to drink in a goldfish bowl glass.
It is a nostalgic retro cream soda with vanilla ice cream and cherries toppings that make you happy in the hot summer.
Goldfish are swimming coolly in the soda.

[Cafe & Bar Goldfish Tei]
β—† Location: 10-15 Nakacho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-277-3356
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/kingyotei_kawagoe/

Kawagoe Tea House coeur a coeur "Cream Soda"

Cream Soda
Kawagoe Tea House coeur a coeur

🍹 Comments from the store 🍹

Our cream soda has a beautiful old-fashioned green color!It's retro and cute.
Cover the melon soda with rich vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with fresh cream and cherries!
The coolness of the squishy and vanilla goes great!Perfect for summer.
Please enjoy it in the retro shop of a tea shop.

[Kawagoe Tea House coeur a coeur]
β—† Location: 5-11 Nakacho, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-222-2715
β—† Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/kawagoe_tea/

Syrup / Okoshi Udagawaya and "Hiyashiame"

Hiyashi Ame
Syrup / Okoshi Udagawaya

🍹 Comments from the store 🍹

<Hiyashiame> is a drink made by dissolving [malt rice cake] in hot water, adding domestic ginger juice, and chilling it.
It has about half the calories of sugar and is a classic summer staple.
We also offer "lemon flavor", which contains organic lemon juice instead of ginger flavor.

[Syrup / Okoshi Udagawaya]
β—† Location: 2-10-5 Motomachi, Kawagoe City
β—‡ Telephone: 049-298-7460