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Holding period: 2024/03/02 (Sat) -2024/03/31 (Sun)

Hanatemizu Bingo Stamp Rally 2024

Participate in the rally and win gifts while admiring Kawagoe City's flower hand water collection🎵

Yes 📅From March 2024, 3 (Sat) to March 2, 31 (Sun)

Where 📌 Kawagoe City (stamps installed at 23 locations)


●This is a bingo game❣ If you have stamps vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, bingo!

●There are 9 bingo squares, and the middle is free 📄 Plus there is a "complete frame" ✨

●Go to the location where the stamp is installed (such as a store) and stamp the same stamp as the flower drawn on the mount 🌸

●Presents will be determined by the number of bingo rows completed🎁

[Bingo 1 row] 1 original postcard

[Bingo 2 or more rows] 1 original postcard + 1 clear file

[Stamp Complete *Those who have collected all 9 stamps] 2 original postcards + 1 clear file

●For gift exchange,Kawagoe City Tourist Information Center(Please report at one of 3 locations: Kawagoe Station/Honkawagoe Station/Nakamachi)📢

 *One person can participate once

💻For more information,This sitePlease take a look🔍

Contact 📞Organizer: Town Development Kawagoe 049-236-3680

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