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Holding period: 2022/07/02 (Sat) -2022/09/04 (Sun)

Marriage wind chime

Many colorful Edo wind chimes are displayed in the precincts of Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine.
You can hang a strip of paper with your wishes on the Edo wind chime.
Please enjoy the cool wind chimes that echo in the precincts.

【Holding period】

February 2022, 7 (Sat) -September 9th (Day
From morning 9 to afternoon 8
* Awarding services such as amulets and fortune-telling will end at 7:XNUMX pm


Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine
Address: 2-11-3 Miyashitamachi, Kawagoe City
Phone: 049-224-0589 (company office)

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Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Enmusubi Wind Chime (studio.site)