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Period: 2023/01/01 (Sun) ~ 2023/02/28 (Tue)

Chichibu x Kawagoe x Saitama XNUMX-City Tour Stamp Rally

🎁 Depending on the number of stamps you collect, you can win luxurious prizes by lottery! ?

 Koedo Kawagoe Tourist Association (Public Corporation), Chichibu Tourist Association (General Incorporated Association), Saitama Tourism and International Association (Public Corporation), aims to strengthen the cooperative system so as to be useful for mutual attraction of tourists and attractive tourist destinations. We have signed a tourism cooperation business with each.This time, as a tourism collaboration project by the three cities, a contactless stamp rally will be held to acquire stamps with a smartphone over tourist spots in the three cities.If you get a stamp and apply, you will win a wonderful product related to the three cities by lottery.Please take this opportunity to visit Chichibu City, Kawagoe City, and Saitama City, and feel the charm of each city and enjoy sightseeing in the three cities!

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🏳‍🌈Implementation period

January XNUMX (Sun) to February XNUMX (Tue), XNUMX

📌 Target spots (XNUMX locations in each city, XNUMX locations in total)

①Chichibu City: Chichibu Shrine, Chichibu Festival Hall, Hijiri Shrine, Buko Sake Brewery Yanagida Sohonten, Yao Main Store Sake Brewery Forest, Jibasan Store, Mt. Buko Museum, Seibu Chichibu Station Onsen Matsuri no Yu

②Kawagoe City: Kawagoe Hachimangu Shrine, Kitain Temple, Kawagoe Festival Hall, Motariya, Agricultural Fureai Center, Saimyoji Temple, Koedo Onsen Kashiba, Ito-Yokado Food Hall Kawagoe Store

③Saitama City: Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine, Omiya Bonsai Museum, Marumaru Higashi Nihon, Ofuro Caféutatane, Keyaki Hiroba, Tori Shrine, Iwatsuki Doll Museum, Hisaizu Shrine

❓How to participate

"Chichibu x Kawagoe x Saitama XNUMX City Tour Stamp Rally" Official Websitecan access and participate in

 ➡ Stamps can be obtained by visiting the target spot and opening an internet browser (GPS method)

🎁 Prizes

Prize A (17 stamps)

Wado Kosen Yunoyado "Wado" pair accommodation ticket: XNUMX set

Kawagoe Tobu Hotel Pair accommodation coupon with breakfast: XNUMX pairs

Hotel Metropolitan Saitama Shintoshin Pair Accommodation Coupon: XNUMX pairs

B prize (XNUMX stamps)

Seibu Chichibu Ekimae Onsen "Matsuri no Yu" pair bathing ticket: XNUMX sets

Koedo Onsen KASHIBA pair admission ticket: XNUMX pairs

Ofuro Caféutatane pair admission ticket: XNUMX pairs

C prize (XNUMX stamps)

Sake Brewing Forest Sake "Chichibu Nishiki No. 10 bottle": XNUMX people

Sake "Koedo Kagamiyama": XNUMX people

One of the sake “Kinmon Sekaitaka”, “Reiwa no Sake Urara”, “Kjuzakura Heisei Hiroba”, “Otemon”: XNUMX people

Prize D (XNUMX stamps)

10 bottles of local beer “Aya no Kuma no Lager”: XNUMX people

10 bottles of COEDO beer: XNUMX people

10 Hikawa breweries: XNUMX people

Prize E (three stamps)

Chichibu Sweet Potato Specialty Store “Imo Urara” Products & Iwataya Side Dish Pickles Set: 10 people

Assortment of Kawagoe specialties: 10 people

Saitama Recommended Souvenir Assortment: 10 people

Those who apply for A prize to E prize can apply together with the following 😀

・Saitama Prefecture Products and Tourism Association Award ➡ Sopia Recommended Product Assortment Set: XNUMX people

・Chichibu City Award ➡ Chichibu Festival Hall pair admission ticket & Chichibu Meisenkan pair admission ticket: 10 pairs

・Kawagoe City Award ➡ Pair admission ticket for XNUMX Kawagoe City Municipal Tourist Facilities: XNUMX pairs

・Saitama City Award➡Urawa Red Diamonds autographed replica uniform: XNUMX person

        Omiya Ardija autographed replica uniform: XNUMX person

        Omiya Bonsai Museum / Iwatsuki Doll Museum Pair Invitation Ticket Set: XNUMX pairs

In addition, for all those who were not selected by lottery, XNUMX people will be selected by lottery for various assortment sets of XNUMX cities filled with novelty items from each city! !

📞Contact us

unei-jimukyoku@tsp-taiyo.co.jp (Chichibu x Kawagoe x Saitama XNUMX City Tour Stamp Rally Management Office)

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Sponsorship: Chichibu City Tourist Association, Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Association, Saitama Tourism and International Association

Co-sponsored: Chichibu City, Kawagoe City, Saitama City


 Saitama Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture Local Products and Tourism Association, Chichibu Regional Hospitality Tourism Public Corporation, Kawagoe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Koedo Kawagoe Tourism Promotion Council, NHK Saitama Broadcasting Station, Teledama, Saitama Shimbun, JR East Omiya Branch Office , Seibu Railway Co., Ltd., Tobu Railway Co., Ltd., Chichibu Railway Co., Ltd., Yao Main Store Co., Ltd., Chichibu Tourism Organization Co., Ltd., Chichibu Fudasho Federation

*Please note that this event may be canceled depending on the spread of infection.