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Holding period: 2024/03/23 (Sat)

Cherry blossom viewing party

We will be holding a sightseeing guided tour "Cherry Blossom Enjoyment Party" on March 23rd (Saturday)!

👀Points to note

 🌸Enjoy the famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Kawagoe

 🌸Feel the history of famous places

 🌸Since we travel with a small group, you can ask questions.

🚩Event overview

 ⏰Date and time: Saturday, March 23, 2020

 🏃Itinerary: Koedo Kurasato → Nakain → Senba Toshogu → Kitain → Ukishima Inari Shrine → Miyoshino Shrine → Honmaru Palace → Shingashi Kawataya Weir → Disband at Hikawa Bridge

 💴Fee: 500 yen for adults, 200 yen for elementary and junior high school students


 Kawagoe City Silver Human Resources Center Public Interest Incorporated Association


 Application period (March 1st to March 13th) *Fee will be collected on the day.


               👇 Tourist guide flyer 👇