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Holding period: 2024/03/24 (Sun)

Little Edo Kawagoe Spring Festival -Opening Event-

3/24The opening event is full of highlights✨

🌸Performance by the Kawagoe Domain Matchlock Gun Corps🌸

 This is a notable event of the festival where the Kawagoe Clan Matchlock Gun Troop Shishi-no-kai wearing armor parades from Honmaru Palace to Renkeiji Temple and performs matchlock gun demonstrations at each spot!
 With the Edo-style streets in the background, you can witness a powerful scene where the roar of matchlock guns fired by the soldiers echoes throughout the city.

◆Time schedule/Enbu (firing) venue◆
 12:20~ [Departure Ceremony] In front of Kawagoe Castle Honmaru Palace
 13:00~ In front of Kawagoe Festival Hall
 13:15~ In front of Saitama Resona Bank
 13:30~ Near Nakamachi intersection
 13:40~ Near Renkeiji Temple

🌸Kawagoe Tobi Union Ladder Glue🌸 

 At the Kawagoe Festival Hall and Nakamachi intersection, the Kawagoe Tobi Association will perform a ladder performance. The sight of him effortlessly climbing a 6 meter ladder supported by a tobiguchi is a sight to behold! You can see traditional ladder glue techniques such as ``kimushishi'' and ``jodai noji'' ✨

◆Time schedule/Enbu venue◆
 10:15-10:25 In front of Kawagoe Festival Hall
 10:40-10:50 Nakamachi intersection

🌸Performance by the fire department band🌸

The Kawagoe District Fire Department Union Fire Band will enliven the shopping district with beautiful and powerful performances.
 Let's all enjoy spring in Little Edo Kawagoe while listening to tones that we don't usually hear🎵

◆Time schedule/performance venue◆
12:00-13:00 Taisho Roman Yume-dori Daiei Park

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