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Holding period: 2022/01/01 (Sat) -2022/01/07 (Fri)

Oedo Kawagoe Shichifukujin Ennichi

The fair of the Seven Fortune Gods of Oedo Kawagoe is from New Year's Day to the 7th and the 1st of every month.
The Seven Lucky Gods Tour is a 6km course starting from Kawagoe Station, Kawagoeshi Station, and Motokawagoe Station, and you can walk around in half a day.

* The fair from January 4st to 1th, 1th year of Reiwa was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Along with this, Shikishi and votive tablets will be sold as finished products.Also, free commemorative stamps will not be installed for the time being.

* For details, please see the official website of the Koedo Kawagoe Shichifukujin Reijokai.