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Holding period: 2022/07/13 (Wednesday)

Senba Asama Shrine Festival (Hatsuyama)

In Kawagoe City, the first mountain is held at Senba Asama Shrine on July 7th (the date is fixed every year).

Hatsuyama is an event to pray for a healthy and healthy life by paying at the Senba Asama Shrine with the bride and baby who got married in the past year.
At that time, have the baby's forehead stamped with a red stamp and pray for a disease-free life.
* In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Hatsuyama in 2022 will not have an event to put a red stamp on the baby's forehead.

In the precincts, in addition to the performance of the Hayashi Preservation Society, there are some ankoro mochi sold by vendors and some stalls.

* Uchiwa fans will be sold and registered.

【Holding schedule】

Wednesday, July 2022, 7
From about 11:7 am to 30:XNUMX pm

(General worship starts as soon as the Shinto ritual is over)


Senba Asama Shrine (21-1 Fujimicho, Kawagoe City)

* The area around the shrine will be closed on the day of the event, and the roads will be crowded with street vendors, so it is recommended to visit on foot. (There is a part of the bicycle parking lot)

* The photo shows past events.