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Holding period: 2024/01/28 (Sun)

[Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin] “Flea market”

🌈On the 28th of every month, a flea market is held at a special venue in the temple grounds.🎉

Approximately 100 stores, mainly second-hand clothing stores and antiques, open every month, making it very crowded.

Yes 📅28th of every month from 6:2 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Where 📌Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin(9-2 Kubocho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture)

*The parking lot will not be available on the day of the event.   

For more information,please use this form.Please take a look🔍