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As a local trading company in Kawajima Town, we operate the EC site "Kawajima Department Store" to deliver the specialty products of the town to the whole country and convey the quality and appeal of the products. doing.

A non-alcoholic amazake made with XNUMX% of Saitama Prefecture's branded rice, "Kawagoe Domain's Kuramamai", which is a special product of Kawashima Town. ] is for sale.It is a product that you can feel the original taste of rice made only with rice and rice koji.Please give it a try.

In addition, as "Kawajima Learning" (experience-based tourism business), we are planning various experience programs that make use of the local characteristics of Kawajima Town for parents and children of child-rearing generation and adults.

By all means, please come to Kawajima Town, experience Kawajima Town, and take home the charm of Kawajima Town as a souvenir!

Address〒350-0122 Kawashima-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture 923 Shimoyatsubayashi Community Center XNUMXF


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