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Chabudai Guest House Cafe and Bar

Chabudai Guesthouse Cafe & Bar

“Connect, Enjoy, and Spread”

We renovated an old private house that was built more than XNUMX years ago, and created a place where people can gather and talk around the dining table.

Travelers, neighbors, people going to town, wonderful shops dotted around town, history, traditions and customs that have been handed down.

We aim to create a space where various people, things and things are connected.

As a gateway to the city, we would like to accept travelers and function as an inn in the city, not just a chabudai, so that you can enjoy the city.

Treat the whole city as an inn and enjoy the city to the fullest.I aim for such an inn.

The front garden and wooden deck are open to the public as a cafe lounge.

During the daytime, the menu focuses on local ingredients, with a focus on baked sweets.

At night, it becomes a simple style bar lounge.

Please feel free to use it.

Address350-0054 Mikubocho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 1-14


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